Rhinestone Crystal Mesh Face Mask

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Stand out with this bling bling sparkly statement piece while covering your nose and mouth. The rhinestone is welded on tightly and do not fall off.

• Weight 1.06 oz. Made of Rhinestone.
• High elastic ear loop for comfortable wear.
• Large enough for covering the nose and mouth.
• Breathable, reusable, handmade.
• Designer face mask made in USA.
• Fashion lover's first choice.

Important NOTES: THIS mask is only used as ACCESSORIES it DOES NOT FILTER ANY DUST. These masks are for personal use. We do not accept returns or exchanges on these products.

CARE: Washable, Hand Wash Preferred. Shape and Air Dry.

Please wash upon arrival before using the mask, we do not pre-wash due to allergy concerns! Wash after every use for proper protection.

This Mask is not intended to treat or prevent illness.

Please refer to the article we wrote in February regarding to some of the issues and why we not seeing people here wearing masks vs countries like China, Japan, and South Korea, etc.
Link: www.luxanddolls.com/blog/a-light-in-the-darkness