Issue Four: Lux&dolls is now pop-up at LuminoCity Festival!

Issue Four: Lux&dolls is now pop-up at LuminoCity Festival!

Posted by Leann Lee on 22nd Dec 2019

This holiday season, Lux&dolls wants bring you to a magical place. While discovering what's in it, we also want you continue follow closely and see what Lux&dolls brings you this holiday. 

Our destination this winter is at the famous Lumino City Festival at Randall's Island. The festival is a month-long holiday event with an exhibition of spectacular light art displays, live performances, and a celebration of cultures. Thousands different light art displays are showcasing here at the field on the island next to Harlem River and East River.

At here we can see here our Lux&dolls Pop-up store stood within the 41 STUDIO store here at the vendor section. 

It is a collaboration between our friend at 41 STUDIO and Lux&dolls. Pop-up showcasing pretty much all earrings and few other small accessories. After purchasing these accessories we wrap it in our brand new designed jewelry box and bag so you can give it to your loved ones, or treat yourself a small gift!

Our stylish earrings mainly are representing in pearl, sequin, shining metals and other "bling bling" objects. Also we are running our special now at the Pop-up, therefore, price is lower than our official website ( Please take this advantage while you can!

All earrings and accessories are all part of our current F/W season. In addition, Lux&dolls has more "bling bling" style dress, coat, knitwear and many other selections that definitely going to catch your eyes. Our brand wants you to express yourself, to be brave. 

IG: luxanddolls

Because of limited time session, our collaboration with 41 STUDIO will continue until the last day of the event which is Jan 5th 2020. Event doors open at 4 pm - 11 pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So come out and don't forget to check us out! We are waiting for you!

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