Issue Five: Why we love blingbling so much?

Issue Five: Why we love blingbling so much?

Posted by Leann Lee on 18th Jan 2020

Glitter and sparkling objects are the new trend in the fashion industry. It is a revolution of fabric and a symbol of future and a timeless style from the disco era. We all extremely love glitter and sparkling things! 

For some, wearing sequins offers a celebratory moment; a sense of finding the silver lining. In that sense, sparkle evokes some sense of optimism and hope that good things are about to come. For others, wearing a shiny object can mean prestige; a sparkling diamond ring or a beautiful sequin dress, for example, imparts a sense of power and luxury.

Wearing bling can date back long time ago when human history just started. Our decoration and body adornments representing the human mind had become sophisticated enough to conceive of individual identities.

Lux & dolls provides all different kinds of glitter and sparkling objects from dresses, coats, shoes and jewelers. Whenever you are thinking of a glamorous moment, you will think of us! We are trying to fulfill every girl's dream about blingbling world. We want to create a community to gather all people who love glitter or sequin together. Let everyone shop, discuss, compare and select their looks in the most glamorous way possible. Please check out our glitter club at Instagram @luxanddolls_glitterclub. 

You're not fully dressed until you sparkle. 

Imagine you are in your prom, what do you want to wear?

Imagine you are in your 18th birthday party and surrounded with your besties.

Imagine you are hanging out with your friends and shining on the street.

Imagine you are on the stage.

Imagine you are in a club and want everybody's attention.

Imagine you are dating with your loved one.

Imagine you are invited to a fashion show and sitting at the front row.

Imagine you are in your wedding.

Everyone is so different. Cherish the way you sparkle. Get your sparkle on and be yourself. Be brave.

Dream big. Sparkle more. Shine bright.

Never let anyone dull your sparkle.

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