A light in the darkness

A light in the darkness

Posted by Chenlin Feng on 10th Feb 2020

Let’s talk about something other than fashion today, something actually affecting all of us recently. Lux & dolls started a campaign, “Lux Upon the World”, regarding to recently coronavirus pandemic. We noticed there are more unfortunate incident that targeting Asians wearing mask thus Lux & dolls coming to spread some positive energy to those whom in need.

Right before the Chinese New Year 2020, a new coronavirus was found in Wuhan China in December, has spread around the world. Until today, the global number of confirmed coronavirus cases now exceeds 42,500, total deaths toll just passes 1000. Which now make this virus have more deaths than SARS almost two decades ago. Every news and media are reporting about the virus itself. But today we are going to talk about something that caused by “human error”.

Any kinds of virus often spark panic and fear. But this time, coronavirus spread something beyond a disease – misinformation, false rumor, etc. Specifically, xenophobia and anti- China or anti-Asia sentiment. People has shown their panic and fear, turned that negative energy into nasty comments and looks when they see a Chinese or Asian walking near them, specially with a mask on.

Middle: Leann, founder of Lux&dolls

Speak of wearing a mask, most of us in America (those grown up in the US) when seeing someone wearing a medical mask will automatically mark him or she is sick. In Asia, many people wearing mask protect themselves from air pollution, keep their face warm during winter, disease, and fashion, yes, fashion. Google it and it’s not a lie. So culturally there are some difference between the East and West.

Recently there are increasingly news showing that many Asian has been discriminated and even there are incidents an Asian woman was beaten by someone because she was wearing a mask at subway stations. Also, many people making nasty comment about this situation., even media. Media has been one of the biggest misinformation providers that causes many people to panic in this situation. Recently a Wall Street Journal optional piece that titled “China Is the Real Sick Man of Asia” by Walter Russell Mead has been in hot water in social media like Twitter. Many people said the article’s title was very racist and discriminated against Chinese people by using a derogatory reference to China. This headline triggers the extremely depressing memory for the Chinese since 1840 when the First Opium War broke out.

Obviously during this special time, many people wearing mask are not wearing because it’s a trendy fashion, but rather for protection. People wear mask make them feel a bit more security rather than they are sick. If everyone is wearing a mask during a pandemic crisis it would help a lot. Beating someone wearing a mask for sure doesn’t help the person not getting the virus only if actually doing the opposite.

Therefore, I think it’s time to write something to cheer everyone up. To raise awareness about the discrimination and negative effects other than the virus itself. Recently, Lux & dolls started a new campaign to raise the awareness to wear mask in public space. During the weekend of NYFW, Lux & dolls went to Fulton Street subway station showed their testimony. Doing their own way to making the public notice their action by wearing mask in public space.

Photo taken at Spring Studios NYFW Feb 10th 2020

Photographer: Rex Zheng

These Dolls are making statement by wearing glitter modified medical mask in the subway station about their feeling towards to this world crisis. Glitter symbolize light, even something seems making other nervous can be beautiful and glorious. Mask is not the one making people feel uncomfortable but rather than helping our own protection. Using their action and body language during NYFW to express their support. Many people came to ask the Dolls what they are doing, and the Dolls explain their concerns to this issue, educating people that we should not discriminate anyone actually doing good to the public.

Photo taken at Spring Studios NYFW Feb 11th 2020

At the end of the day, each year seasonal flu kills thousands of people every year. Just like a flu virus, the new coronavirus is just another kind except that we do not have any vaccine yet. Every world health organization especially the Chinese government has spent tons resources to contain this virus and research vaccine to counter this disease.

Our Slogan: Lux Upon the World

What we can do as a globe citizen is to be informative about this virus and know how to protect ourselves from it. Spreading hate and panic does not help this situation at all. I think in the end, we, “human error” are the biggest obstacle in this crisis. “Lux Upon the World” simply just want to bring little bit light into this darkness time, hopefully when you see us near your subway station, we can make you feel a bit safer and comfort. Don’t forget to say hi to us and don't be afraid to wear your mask.